Kópavogur Regional Archives

Kópavogur Regional Archives is one of twenty Regional Archives in Iceland.

Along with The National Archives of Iceland the Regional Archives are defined as Public Archives under the Public Archives Act No 77/2014.

Their activity is further defined in Regulation on Regional Archives No.283/1994.

Kópavogur Regional Archives was established in the year 2000. It is owned and financed by the municipality of Kópavogur.  Its region is the municipality of Kópavogur. It is a non-commercial public institution.

Since 2014 the Art and cultural council of Kópavogur, elected by the town council of Kópavogur, is the board of the Archives.

The staff consists of the regional archivist (director of the archives), an archivist and an expert on multimedia.

Copies of some of the photographies, films, sound recordings and records preserved in Kópavogur Regional Archives are published on Myndavefur Kópavogs (Photowebsite of Kópavogur) which was established in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Kópavogur as kaupstaður (township) in 2015. The publishing and edition of the website was handed over to the Regional Archives of Kópavogur in January 2019.

Skjalavefurinn is an Icelandic information website on Archives published in cooperation of The Regional Archives of Kópavogur and The Regional Archives of Árnessýsla.

The administrative role of The Regional Archives of Kópavogur is to establish the rights of citizens to access to documents. The administrative bodies of the municipality of Kópavogur are obliged to preserve their records and thereafter transfer them into the custody of The Regional Archives of Kópavogur according to law.

The Kópavogur Regional Archives is to:

  • give these bodies guidelines and advice on records management and archival matters e.g. general records schedule and filing plan.
  • supervise and inspect the records management of these bodies.
  • control their applications on destruction of records before its submission to the national archivist.
  • collect the records of these bodies for preservation and preserve these records securely having them properly registered in order to keep them accessible for use according to law, inter alia Public Archives Act No 77/2014Information Act No. 140/20120

Administrative Procedures Act No. 37/1993

Act on the Protection of Privacy as regards the Processing of Personal Data, No. 77/2000 (replaced by the Act on the Protection of Privacy as regards the Processing of Personal Data No.90/2018 – introducing the GDPR of EU)

The historical role of The Regional Archives of Kópavogur is to safeguard the preservation of historical sources about Kópavogur and its inhabitants and enhance the knowledge on the history of the region.

In order to do that The Regional Archives of Kópavogur is to:

  • Pursue to preserve archives of private provenance i.e. from individuals, societies, companies and corporations of the region and relating to the region and its inhabitants keeping them accessible for use.
  • Instigate and support historical research on the history of Kópavogur.
  • Promote knowledge on the history of Kópavogur e.g. by exhibitions, meetings and publications.


The Regional Archives of Kópavogur successfully cooperates with the Historical Society of Kópavogur  e.g. by publishing a series of pamphlets dealing with the history of the region of Kópavogur.